Hannells Public Poll Results May 2016

As a visitor to the Hannells website, you’ve probably noticed our public poll featured on the homepage. In our latest poll, we asked what is most important to you when looking for a property and the results may be surprising…

Given the choice of:

  1. Quality of photos
  2. Floorplan
  3. Room measurements
  4. Room descriptions

The clear winner was in fact the floorplan and here are the results in full below:

The results of the Hannells Public Poll May 2016

Way ahead of the other choices with 48% of the vote, it’s clear that today’s buyers expect to see floorplans when they are browsing online or looking at the brochure for their next property.

Whilst it may come of some surprise that floorplans are considered more important than high quality photos (which came in at second place), it’s easy to see why and is backed up further by regular surveys held at the UK’s largest property portal,

In fact, Rightmove statistics suggest that 37% of buyers simply will not click in to view the full details of a property if it does not have a floorplan.

That’s a figure well worth bearing in mind if you’re about to list your property with an estate agent in Derby that does not offer them as a standard part of the service.

So why are they so important?

Well, there’s a lot of information about a property that can be garnered from a floorplan. The flow of the property, how rooms are positioned, how they could be altered, where furniture might fit etc. not only helps buyers to tick off a lot of the boxes on their “wants” list.

It also reduces the amount of wasted viewings where buyers have no idea of how the property is laid out, only to spend the time visiting the property to find it is absolutely nothing like how they had imagined.

Second on the poll was the quality of photos. It goes without saying that in any market, the key to generating as much serious interest as possible is to make sure your property stands out and one of the best ways of showcasing your property is to ensure that you have good quality photographs.

First impressions count and if your property isn’t presented to its full potential, you could easily be missing out on buyers as they scroll straight past a poorly taken exterior shot.

That’s why at Hannells, all of our Listings Managers are equipped with a Digital SLR camera with a wide-angle lens and tripod. We appreciate the value of quality photos and the difference professional equipment makes can be astounding.

That’s exactly why our properties are viewed millions of times each month on the likes of, and

The interesting side to the story about quality photos is that it is not only sellers that expect to see them, it is buyers too.

Clearly, a wonky photo of a poorly lit bathroom taken on the estate agent’s phone is no longer acceptable to those looking for their new home, and rightly so.

And finally, coming in at joint last place with 11% of the vote each is the room measurements and room description.

Perhaps the main reason for this is the fact that most of this information can be deduced from the photos and the floorplan, if they’re done right.

The days of people wanting to know about “a UPVC window to the front elevation” or “pedestal hand was basin with tiled splash backs” are gone.

It seems clear cut from the results of our survey and by the statistics provided by other industry leaders that if you want to give yourself the best chance at generating as much interest as possible, the two vital ingredients are a floorplan and good quality photos.

It’s worth bearing that in mind if you’re thinking of selling.

If you’ve not yet taken part in our latest public poll, visit our homepage and register your vote.

It’s just a simple case of ticking the box and clicking vote – no registration of details or anything else is required!



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