How Can I Attract the Best Tenants?

Being a Landlord can have its ups and downs. You may have chosen to become a Landlord as a career choice, or maybe you have become what is often referred to as an ‘accidental Landlord’ and are only looking to property rental as a short term stop gap to fill an empty property. Whatever the reason, one big question to ask is ‘How can I attract the best tenants?’


Alongside making sure you have adhered to all the legal responsibilities of being a Landlord, making sure you attract the best tenants could be the difference between a successful rental or an expensive problem. Having a tenant that will respect the property and pay the rent on time will allow you to regularly pay any mortgage you may have on the property, reduce the cost of maintenance and repair bills and, ultimately, reduce stress in your life!

With a little bit of thought and preparation, you can give yourself the best chance of attracting the best tenants and we have put together a few pointers to make sure you are heading in the right direction…


Property Presentation.

Photography plays a huge role in the marketing of any property and can be key in the rental market. Make sure your property is presented to its best and professionally photographed. No property listing is complete without fantastic pictures! A well presented and photographed property will not only attract more interest from potential tenants, meaning you can select the very best tenants from increased applications, it will also demonstrate to potential tenants that you respect and look after your property, meaning any new tenants are more likely to look after the property too!

This helpful article from SLR Lounge can give you great tips to taking better pictures of your property, just take a look HERE. At Hannells Lettings we have trained photographers on hand to provide all our new property listings with stunning fully enhanced photographs.


Cleaning The Property Before Viewings.

Making a good first impression is always a great idea, but it can have additional benefits that you might not expect. A clean well-presented home will stand out from the crowd when potential tenants are out viewing but it will also demonstrate that you as a Landlord care about your property and how well it looks and is maintained. A tenant who is attracted by a well presented and clean home is much more likely to keep it that way! You can find some helpful cleaning tips HERE.

Our Lettings team regularly visit hundreds of rental properties a month and when we come out on a consultation, we will be honest and upfront about how we feel the property should be presented. If we think a good clean will help in the marketing of the property, we will recommend it. We can even supply a cleaning service should you require any help!


Making Sure Prospective Tenants Meet Affordability.

One of the most important things to consider when selecting a tenant for your property may seem an obvious one, can they afford the rent? We as an agent will carry out thorough credit checks to make sure that any potential tenant has a sufficient income level to cover the monthly cost, but we will also carry out checks on their current employment, credit history and checks on their current accommodation to make sure they are paying the rent on time and that no financial issue will arise in the future.


Regular Maintenance.

The key to attracting great tenants and maintaining a good relationship with those tenants is always making sure regular maintenance is carried out on your property. Regularly keeping on top of property maintenance will save you time when staging the property for marketing, it will demonstrate to the best tenants that you will take care of the property, fix any issues that may arise in the future and will make sure that when you do find great tenants, they will want to stay! Here at Hannells Lettings we have invested in a fantastic 24 hour maintenance and repair reporting system, which means your tenants can report any issues online 24 hours a day and you as a Landlord can monitor any action that needs to be taken. We have a great team of property maintenance partners so we can make sure that any issues are dealt with quickly. And as we know, happy tenants make happy Landlords!


So there you have it, a short list of things to consider when trying to attract the best tenants. If you would like any further advice or help in finding a tenant or managing your rental property, just call Hannells Lettings on 01332 294396, or click HERE!





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