What Can Deter Buyers On A Viewing?

Whether you decide to do them yourself or leave it up to your estate agent, viewings can be the most important step in the selling process. We have all heard the old tips and tricks about how to present your property for viewings, baking fresh bread or brewing a pot of coffee, but what can deter buyers on a viewing?


According to a recent article from the online industry magazine Estate Agent Today a new survey from property company Sellhousefast has identified key sights and experiences that most deter would be buyers.


The study asked 1,266 adults who had each been to view several properties over the last 12 months what would most deter them from making an offer, the results might not surprise many experienced home movers but it’s certainly worth checking them out to make sure your property is prepared and presented and looking its best! So, what can deter buyers on a viewing?


The key findings were as follows:-


  • Extensive cracks, marks and stains on walls, ceilings and floors gave the biggest negative impression with 76% of those asked saying it would deter them on a viewing. It can be easy to overlook a small water mark on a kitchen ceiling but it’s worth spending a few pounds on some stain blocking paint to tidy up the area, after all you know that any leak or damage has been repaired, but to your viewers it could signal evidence of future expensive problems with the property.


  • Fixtures and fittings that do not function properly – such as toilets, taps and the like. 71% of respondents said they would see this as a negative on a viewing. Most niggly little issue are not overly expensive to fix but we all have those little jobs around the house that we never get around to, take a tour of your property before starting viewings and make a list of any small jobs that need doing. Get these repaired before the first viewer and it could save you from missing out on a sale!


  • Exposed wires cause concern to 66% of potential buyers, so make sure any wiring or electric work that needs to be finished off is completed by a competent electrician, the cost of rewiring a property can be high, so you definitely don’t want to leave viewers with the impression that more work might be required! It might be worth having an electrical inspection carried out prior to marketing your property and having the certificate handy to show potential purchasers. You can find out more about electrical certification here.


  • Heavily damaged or worn out kitchen cabinets proved a concern for 54% of those asked and with the kitchen being one of the major focal points in the home it is easy to see why. Refurbishing a tired kitchen doesn’t have to cost a fortune, you can make a big difference with simple changes such as adding modern handles to cupboards and drawers, or even replacing door and drawer fronts. Some companies offer vinyl style wraps that can really spruce up your kitchen without the cost of full refurb, have a look at some examples here.


Interestingly, mould, damaged or stained carpets and broken door or cupboard handles came in rather low in the list with 49%, 18% and 15% respectively. But we would always recommended attending to these issues to make sure you leave your viewers with no cause for concern.


If you need any advice on how best to present your property, or maybe you need some help with viewings, our team of property experts are always on hand to help! Just click here to book your free no obligation consultation, or pop in to your local Hannells branch!



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