29 November 2021

Are you ready for Christmas viewings?

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Are you ready for Christmas viewings? Getting your home in shape, looking and feeling great and trying to keep it in a constant state of readiness to attract a buyer can seem a bit of a chore, but at this time of the year you might feel at a distinct disadvantage. Lofts all over the country are being ventured into for the first time since last Christmas and dusty boxes of decorations are being opened ready to be spread around the home, is your house ready for Christmas viewings?

It’s easy to think that this could make it difficult to present your property in a positive light and make the most of Christmas viewings, but all the colours, sparkle and lovely smells of Christmas can be a real winner when it comes to making your home feel pretty, cosy and somewhere that’s sure to stick in your viewer’s minds.

Following just a few tips could help maximise the impact of Christmas viewings and see you signing on the dotted line before you’ve finished the leftover turkey!


Bake some beautiful aromatic Christmas cookies 

We’ve all heard of the old trick of baking fresh bread before a viewing to entice your viewers to feel positive about your home and as much of a tired cliché as it may seem there is some scientific basis to the point. Studies have shown that scents do affect people’s moods and ‘The Scientific American’ has an interesting article about the phenomenon.

Bake some lovely Christmas cookies or some sweet-smelling Gingerbread and get your viewers reminiscing, misty eyed, about Christmas’s past. Plus, you can butter them up with warm, tasty treats after the formalities are over, making Christmas viewing a pleasure! Check out some seasonal recipes here.



Hang some festive Pomanders

Not only do they add a lovely festive touch to your home, but they smell fantastically festive too! Reinforcing that festive feel and giving your viewers a positive association to take away from your home. There are plenty of tutorials online and Simple Bites offers a quick and simple example that can even get the kids involved. If home crafts aren’t your thing, lots of gift shops will have them at this time of year. You can find plenty of inspiration here.

Deck the Halls

Use Christmas decorations to your advantage by following the simple principles of keeping things tidy and tasteful. A splash of colour, some Holly and Mistletoe arranged around fireplaces and strategically placed around the home can really boost the ‘WOW’ factor. Have a look at the latest interior design magazines as they always have useful articles around this time of the year.  Good Homes Magazine is a good place to start for some festive inspiration.


Add some special sparkle

Christmas is all about spreading the light in the darkest part of winter, so make sure you use the sparkle to create a vision that stands out in the dark! Hang some tinsel, light some festive candles and get that fire on! This is the one time of the year when you can have as many twinkling lights as you like, so light up the outside of your home and give your viewers a lovely festive entrance. Making your home stand out from the crowd will stay in your viewer’s minds all the way to the New Year! Just bear in mind that tasteful and chic is the look we are going for, check out some interior design magazines and have a look through some web based articles to see what this year’s trends are, Ideal Home is great place to get some inspiration.

So there you have it! Use the festive period to create a beautiful, tasteful, sweet smelling and sparkly wonderland to welcome your viewers in and have them leave full of the Christmas spirit! It might just tip the balance in your viewers mind and have them wanting to make your home, their home!


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