21 February 2022

Garden Trends For 2022

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Garden Trends

What are the top garden trends for 2022? It may not feel like it given the wind and rain we have been experiencing recently, but if you look very closely you can just about spot the snowdrops under the fallen leaves. Spring might feel a long way off but as the days gradually grow longer our attention inevitably turns towards our outside space and, whether you have a large garden or an apartment with a window box, when it comes to attracting a buyer, outside is just as important as inside!

Just as interior design trends change from year to year, so do garden trends, so we’ve had a little look through what’s in (or should that be out?) for 2022. Why not take a look at our top 5 trends…


The focus for the year is very much centred on the natural environment and our impact upon it. It became increasingly clear from the lock-downs of 2020 that allowing nature to take its course is a positive thing and rewilding all or parts of your outside space can work wonders to help the local insect, butterfly, bee, and bird populations. In gardening circles, the buzz words for 2022 are predicted to be ‘nature-scaping’ and ‘curated wilding’ with people choosing garden layouts that, although neatly organised and well maintained, look like they are ‘of nature’ rather than more obviously designed spaces. You can find out more about rewilding here, whilst ideal garden magazine has a great article looking at ideas to introduce some aspects of a wildlife garden here.


Tapestry Lawns

This trend is probably better suited to urban or city homes where large areas of turf lawn isn’t necessarily practical or desirable, but it can also be added to part of a larger garden. The idea is to intersperse your lawned areas with a combination of ‘mower tolerant’ plant species to create a patchwork of flora that requires less maintenance and can provide more habitat for desirable animal life. Take a look at some examples here.


Contemporary Water Features

According to gardening experts, water features now outsell solar lights, statues and outdoor mirrors combined as the most purchased garden feature and this trend is set to continue throughout 2022.

From water spheres to water blades, the push for water efficient gardens that minimise the need for irrigation is set to really ramp up as keen gardeners focus their attentions on the impact of climate change. You can pick up modern looking water features from the local DIY centre or splash out a bit more and have fully integrated water feature/irrigation systems added to your garden space. Take a look at some examples here.


Hazel Hurdles

There is already a focus on natural materials in gardens this year, with gardening supplier Primose reporting a 451 per cent increase in searches for Hazel hurdles. Using Hazel and other natural resources to build garden walls/fences and enclosures is likely to be the biggest trend in 2022, with Hazel hurdles being used to great effect to create privacy screens or section off areas of larger gardens. Take a look at some examples here.


Low Carbon Gardens

Staying with the use of natural materials and the focus on the environmental impact of our gardens, gardening experts are predicting that low carbon gardens will be a big thing in 2022. A greater understanding of the carbon cost of produce and cut flowers has led to an increase in people choosing to grow their own, often mixing flowers in with vegetables and opting to grow more fruit varieties at home, whether that be a tub with strawberry plants or a full-blown vegetable plot. With the increase in the cost of living, looking closer to home for certain fruit and vegetables is likely to be a continuing trend.

With the top 4 most searched keywords on Rightmove all being related to outside space, paying attention to your garden is not just good for the presentation of your home, it really can make sure your home is seen by more buyers.

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