12 January 2022

Interior Design Trends For 2022

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Interior Design Trends


Interior Design Trends For 2022


Whether you are thinking of making a move this year, or just fancy making the most of the space you have, it’s good to take a look at the interior design trends for 2022.


We’ve had a sneaky peek at what the experts have selected for 2022 and come up with our top 5 trends.


Interior Design

  1. Shades Of Green

Last year blue was the must have colour, but it seems that the trend for bringing the outside in has continued into the New year with shades of green being the top choice for accent colour throughout the home. With the immediate association with nature, shades of green brings calming aspects to any room and it fits neatly into the over-arching trend for biophilic design in the home — that is, recreating a connection to nature indoors that can help reproduce some of the health and mood-boosting qualities of spending time in nature.

You can find plenty of inspiration here.

  1. Recycling/Up-Cycling

Sustainability is the key word for 2022. With environmental issues coming to the fore and increased pressure on natural resources causing concern, a return to the re-use, recycle and restore principle is likely to spread into interior design. From looking at the types of fabric used to make sure they achieve longevity, to re-using everything from baskets to bags to create new interior features, up-cycling is coming back with a bang! Take a look at these creative projects to get you in the mood!

Cottage Core

  1. Cottage Core

Never heard of cottage core? No neither had we! According to interior designers, cottage core is basically an aesthetic movement depicting romanticized styles in nature, whether that be based around the traditional ‘cottage in the woods’ or using aspects of the meadow, woodland or other natural and historic based elements. Think natural materials, lots of wood and aged brick and the use of colour to create that distinctive country cottage feel. Take a look here for more information on cottage core.


  1. Copper

In 2021 brushed brass was the major trend, especially for kitchen fixtures and fittings, this year the trend for the use of non-standard materials carries through and continues to veer away from stainless steel and chrome. Copper is set to take over were brass left off and the trend for anything from kitchen drawer handles to high end dining tables is set to show off copper at it’s best. Take a look at some great examples here.

Aged Furniture

  1. Aged Furniture

Character and patina are the watch words for 2022. From tastefully distressed furniture to aged fixtures and units. A new trend for stepping away from the ultra-modern, clean and crisp homes of the 2020’s and introducing some signs of life into our homes seems to be the biggest thing for 2022. Adding soul to furniture can create a tasteful yet luxuriously comfy feel. Take some inspiration here.


So there we have it, our run down of what could be the biggest trends for 2022, but what do you think? Are you willing to embrace any of these elements into your home?


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