30 September 2021

Kitchen Trends – Embracing The Dark…

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We know for a fact that two rooms receive more online views than any other in property listings, these are kitchens and bathrooms.


When looking at a new property, kitchens and bathrooms can potentially be areas of unexpected expense, with the cost of refitting either room running into the tens of thousands, so with that in mind, we thought we’d take a look at the top 2021 trends for kitchen design.


  1. Dark Surfaces


It appears the days of white granite or marble work surfaces, ceramic sinks and drainers and light Oak or white laminate unit fronts are on the way out. Dark surfaces have emerged as a result of embracing two tone style, giving any kitchen a feel of luxury. Particularly effective when matched with ‘pops’ of bright colour from furniture or fabrics, embracing the dark side is very much a trend that appears to be here to stay. Take a look at some examples here.


  1. Statement Taps


The use of unusual materials, colours and shapes in kitchen taps has been something that we have seen emerging over the last few years, with the polished brass look being a particular favourite. Taps, whilst functional, are being seen more and more as statement pieces, with some looking positively statuesque! Gone are the standard stainless-steel mixer taps as designer multi-function taps bring extra colour and instant boiling water to kitchens across the land. Take a look at some great eye-catching designs here.


  1. Feature Tiling


According to most articles, formation is the biggest trend in kitchen tiles this year. Whilst standard square and oblong shapes are still being used, they are being laid in intricate patterns such as staggered, laddered or brick bond to create eye catching designs. The use of shiny gloss and bright coloured tiles is also very much on trend, so take a look at some interesting designs here!


  1. Two Tone Kitchens


As mentioned earlier, two tone is the way to go for kitchen design this year. Far from the previous goal of fully matching units, two tone kitchen cabinets and draw fronts are adding an interesting twist to design and giving more freedom to explore colour and even texture to create a bold statement room for your home. Have a look at some designs here.


  1. Embracing the dark


It’s not just work surfaces that are leaning towards the dark side, new ranges of kitchen units with dark fronts are all the rage this year. Particular favourites are green cabinets and accessories and brooding deep blue colours, creating a more sophisticated and dramatic look. B and Q have reported this stylish hue experienced a 45 per cent uplift in Pinterest searches over the past year. Take some inspiration from a selection of designs here.


With a whole host of products available, from kitchen paint, to taps and accessories, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to update the kitchen in your home. Following the trends could see you getting more views, more offers and a much quicker sale!


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