2 June 2021


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May property news roundup

We keep a track of all things property that hit the newspapers, online media and national news each week and put together a monthly roundup of all things property!

May was a very busy month, with planned new developments, changes to some rental regulations and the national press covering the booming market. Why not take a look at the pick of reports from Derby and beyond!

Derbyshire Live brought us a first look at the new properties developed on the old DRI site in the city, with the now iconic ‘Pepper Pot’ towers still standing proud, you can take a look at the report here:




Becket Well development is set to bring further student accommodation into town (see here: https://derby.gov.uk/…/planing-consent-granted…/) along with the hopes of a brand new entertainment venue managed by a global big hitter in the industry and the Guildhall market is set to close for some time as part of further investment in the city centre, but what are your thoughts?


Does the city need more housing developments?


What about the Assembly Rooms site?


Would you like to see more housing or multipurpose development in the area?


Looking further afield, the BBC noted the increase in buyer demand outstripping the pace of new listings coming to market, something we have seen for the past 6 months or more, you can read the full article here:




And our friends over at Property Industry Eye highlighted an important change in the rental sector, with the notice periods for tenants set to return to pre-Covid levels having previously been extended to six months as an emergency measure during the pandemic – This is due to take place from June the 1st. You can find out more here:




With the current relaxing of lock down restrictions and the focus on the Indian variant taking up the headlines, property news had taken a bit of a back seat towards the end of May, but Derbyshire Live highlighted the fact that property prices across the county are continuing to rise, with a figure from Nationwide suggesting that prices across Derbyshire have risen by as much as 13%, you can read the report here:




And our friends over at Estate Agent Today examined a report by Zoopla claiming that the Stamp Duty boost will make 2021 one of the busiest years ever for the property market, with an estimated 1.52 million transactions due to take place this year – way above the norm of between 1.0 and 1.2 million, something the report suggests has been fuelled by the Stamp Duty Holiday, you can read the full article here:



And finally, the BBC joined the property price rise debate, stating that house prices have risen at their fastest rate since before the credit crunch, see the full article here:




But what do you think? Have you noticed the pace of property price rises increasing?


Do you think it is sustainable or will prices start to level off once things fully open again?


Do you think Derby property prices are high compared to other regions, or do we get value for money?


We’ll be keeping an on eye on all the news over on our Facebook and Instagram pages, with weekly updates and another roundup at the end of June, until then, keep safe, enjoy the sunny weather and follow our social media pages for more great Derbyshire properties or click HERE and start the search for your next home!