11 October 2021

Selling your home in Autumn…Our top 5 tips.

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Although the recent weather is doing a great impression of mid-summer, there’s no denying that change is in the air. The nights have drawn in and there’s a distinct freshness to the early morning. Love it or hate it, it must be said that Autumn has a certain magic! Although the leaves are gradually changing and the days are growing shorter, there is still a very active property market out there, so what can you do to help your home stand out?


Fallen Leaves


Great to look at in pictures, but not great for showing off your outside space to it’s best. Rake up the leaves and clear your front and back gardens, pathways, and curb side as regularly as possible. If you have shared access ways or shared pathways clear them as well, make sure your potential buyers get the best impression of your home from the very beginning of their viewing experience. It’s also a good idea to clear leaves from gutters and drains and trim back any dead plants as well, keep your home looking fresh and attractive rather than overgrown and unloved!


We know that energy prices have risen, and most people are trying to be frugal with the central heating, but if you have viewers coming, especially in the evenings, pop the heating on for an hour or so before they arrive. Stepping in to a warm and cosy home after a potentially cold and blustery journey can make all the difference!


Let it in, as much as possible! For daytime viewings open curtains and pull back blinds, make the most of that beautiful Autumn light and low sunshine streaming in! Just be aware that angled light in Autumn/Winter can have a habit of highlighting smeared windows, so get the polish out! Switch on ceiling lights, spots and lamps and think about any external lighting you have. Make your home a cosy welcoming beacon in the Autumn and help to create a lovely welcome for viewers.

Americanisms – Embrace ‘The Fall’

Just because the weather is turning doesn’t mean you can’t make your home stand out with some subtle and tasteful autumn themed exterior décor. Take a leaf (see what we did there…) out of our American cousin’s book and brighten up your homes garden space with some Autumn themed window boxes and garden displays, it all adds to the appeal and will give your curb side appearance a fantastic boost! Get some inspiration here.

Embrace Autumn inside

Each season has its own unique scents, colours and qualities that can be used to great effect. Take a look at incorporating some Autumnal inspiration with burnt orange and shades of brown, maybe add some autumn themed centre pieces to tables and really capture the magic of the season with the smell of pumpkin spice and vanilla candles. You can take some inspiration here.


You can use the best of any season to make your home stand out, so why not make the most of the strong market and kick start your moving experience this Autumn? Click the link and book your FREE valuation today! https://hannells.co.uk/book-a-valuation/