21 April 2022

Spring Clean – The Ultimate Guide

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The ultimate guide to the Spring clean!



Nothing feels quite as satisfying as a really good Spring clean! And that goes double for those who are looking to sell their properties. We know it can seem a daunting task to tackle the whole house in one go (a brief poll of our team shows just how daunting it can be!) but it can be achieved, the key is to focus on one room at a time.

Whether you’ve got a whole weekend or just a 5-minute window, you can make the most of a Spring clean with our top tips checklist!



Raise your blinds or open your curtains to allow natural sunlight to lift a room. Wash windows with a glass cleaner and microfiber cloth to ensure they are cleaned and wiped thoroughly. Take a look at this article from the family handyman for more window washing tips of the trade.




Kitchen and table work tops can be areas that fill with clutter quickly. Clear the clutter away and polish surfaces to help restore shine and remove stains, leaving surfaces both clean and tidy. One of the major rooms under close inspection from potential buyers is the kitchen, so make sure it’s top notch before viewers arrive!



Patio furniture

With the warmer weather already here, it’s time to get the outside furniture ready. Be sure to wipe down any tables and chairs with detergent, followed by a spray of water before finally letting them air dry. Here’s some more tips for cleaning garden furniture.




Now is the perfect time to go through your wardrobe as the weather starts to change. Go through your clothes and shoes, bagging anything unwanted for charity and making room for the clothes you decide to keep. Overflowing storage in bedrooms can cause alarm bells to ring in the mind of buyers, so be a little bit ruthless and make sure all drawers can close and clothes aren’t spilling out into the room! If you are unsure of what’s in for summer 2022, take a look here!




When cleaning furniture make sure to pull it away from walls, allowing you to hoover and clean behind it. Then switch to hoovering and cleaning both sides of the cushions as well as underneath them. Don’t use chemicals unless you are absolutely sure they won’t stain or damage the fabric!




Second only to the kitchen, the bathroom is top priority when it comes to potential buyer’s impressions of your home. With the average price of a bathroom refit coming in at over £10,000 (dependent on style) making sure your bathroom shines is a priority. Grout in bathrooms is known for picking up dust and mould, make sure to spray grout with bathroom cleaners or use a mixture of baking soda paste to remove any mould or black marks, you can find top tips for mould removal here. Lighting a candle or using diffusers can help lift any remaining odours and freshen things up.



We know the old Spring clean is a bit of a cliché, but when it comes to property sales, presentation really is everything, so a few well spent hours really can make all difference.


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