25 January 2024

What Is A Draft Contract Pack And What’s Included?

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One of the first parts of the process when purchasing or selling a property in the UK is the creation of the “draft contract pack”.  A draft contract pack typically refers to a set of legal documents that are prepared by the seller’s Solicitor or conveyancer. This pack is then provided to the buyer’s Solicitor as part of the conveyancing process. The purpose of the draft contract pack is to provide the buyer with all the necessary information about the property and its legal status, enabling them to make an informed decision about the purchase…

The specific documents included in a draft contract pack may vary, but they generally include:

Sales memorandum: This document summarizes the key details of the transaction, including the agreed sale price, property address, and the names of the buyer and seller.

Title deeds: These documents prove the seller’s ownership of the property and provide details about any restrictions or covenants affecting the land.

Property information form: This form is completed by the seller and provides important information about the property, such as boundaries, disputes, and any alterations or improvements made.

Fittings and contents form: This form lists what fixtures and fittings are included or excluded from the sale, helping to avoid disputes later on.

Local authority searches: These searches provide information on local planning issues, building control, and other relevant matters that might affect the property.

Land Registry official copies: These documents confirm the ownership details and any charges or restrictions registered against the property with the Land Registry.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC): This document rates the energy efficiency of the property and provides recommendations for improvement.

Sellers Property Information Questionnaire (SPIQ): This is a detailed questionnaire completed by the seller, covering various aspects of the property, such as utilities, boundaries, and ongoing disputes.

Leasehold information (if applicable): If the property is leasehold, additional documents related to the lease, ground rent, and service charges will be included.

It’s important to note that the specific documents may vary depending on the nature of the property and any unique circumstances. Both the buyer and their solicitor will review the draft contract pack, and any necessary enquiries or negotiations may take place before the exchange of contracts and completion of the sale.

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