6 April 2022

Summer Design Trends 2022

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Summer – Design trends for Summer 2022

Although we are barely into Spring (or false Spring as it seems from the weather!) All eyes are already turning to the summer months with a hope of a return to the balmy sunny days of previous years, and, as with the changing of the seasons, so the trends for homes are changing too. If you are thinking of making a move over the summer, or just looking to add a bit of a flourish to your home, we’ve got the top 5 trends for summer 2022!

Open Plan Living

Open Plan Living

It’s in, then it’s out, now it’s back in again. According to the Head of Design at Magnet, more time spent at home has allowed a critical eye to be cast over how our interior space is used and how homes flow from one room to the next whilst allowing distinct areas to be maintained. Now lockdowns are hopefully a thing of the past and we are getting back to inviting guests into our homes, open plan spaces allow conversations to flow more easily and make socialising whilst multitasking much easier. We have certainly seen more properties coming to market with open plan layouts and it seems to be a trait that today’s buyers are actively searching for.


Self – Spaces

According to ‘Not On The High Street’ 34% of people in a recent survey have reported creating dedicated spaces in their homes for self-care or hobbies, and 48% would look for homes with self-care spaces or wellness areas when purchasing. It doesn’t have to be a large area, it could be a favourite window seat or conservatory set aside for yoga, or, as many have done post 2019, a garden room or cabin. Spa inspired bathrooms are also becoming a hot trend in refurbishment projects. Take a look at some inspiration here.

Dream Gardens

Dream Gardens

Outside space has, as we know, become even more important to buyers over the last 2 years and as we reported in our recent blog article ‘Garden Trends For 2022’ making the most of your garden can really help when looking for a buyer. This year however, Stephen Pitcher, Trading Director of Garden at Homebase suggests the trend is to take things even further, stating that people will be looking to use furnishings and design elements to add personality in the same way as they do inside their homes.

Book Shelves

Dark Academia

Harking back to a trend that was originally created for use in large country homes, Dark Academia is an interior design style that has gained more recent popularity across social media. Essentially the idea is to create a feeling based on the grand old houses of the late 1800’s and into the arts and crafts period, tying in romanticised cues from historic libraries and the slightly eccentric style of old traditional English boarding schools. Think gentleman’s study with numerous books, antique style globes and a slightly haphazard look. Of course, it may be difficult to create the desired effect in a more modern home, but suitable use of leather-bound books and key pieces of faux antique furniture can all blend together to help sell the look. Take a look at some pieces here.


Barkitecture – Designing spaces to include pets

Rightly or wrongly, lockdowns and changing lifestyles have led to an increase in pet ownership and Barkitecture is leading to a change in how we renovate our homes. Not just making sure homes are pet safe, Barkitecture principles go one step further and incorporate pet spaces directly into the fabric of our properties in the same style as the rest of the overall design. Think doghouse created under the stairs or kitchens designed with additional spaces to incorporate a cat bed by a sunny window, or, more practically, dog showers created within utility rooms. Take a look at some great uses of space here.


So there we have it, a brief look at the top trends across the internet for summer 2022!


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