10 March 2022

Spring Into Action!

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Getting your home SOLD in Spring…Are you ready for a Spring Fling?


The days are getting longer, the daffodils are starting to appear and (hopefully) the sunny days are returning, Spring is most definitely in the air and traditionally it can be one of the best times of the year for new starts, a refresh and getting your property sold!


With a bit of preparation, you can make the most of the Spring market, so why not take look at our top 5 tips to get you moving this Spring!

Spring Decorating

Grab a paint brush

Whilst redecorating your property from top to bottom may be expensive and time consuming, painting a feature wall in the reception room or kitchen is an easy way to freshen up any space and provide a focal point for potential buyers, plus it will look great on those all-important photos for your marketing material and internet listing.

Subtle shades of pale blue, greens and yellows are considered to be easier on the eye and add a touch of freshness to any space. Whilst the paint brushes are out why not give the woodwork a once over? Fleshly glossed windowsills and skirting boards look great and can really lift a room. For inspiration, why not check out our recent blog post to see what’s trending? Just click here.


Don’t neglect the gardening

You may have a three-acre plot or a more compact patio space, but whatever the scale of your garden, it can always be made more appealing by a bit of green fingered magic! You don’t have to be Monty Don to make a difference and simple jobs such as keeping lawns mowed, clearing paths of leaves and winter detritus, pruning bushes and giving paving slabs a good jet wash can all do wonders for your garden. Just having a general tidy up can open up any garden space and if you really want to dazzle those all-important viewers, you can replace and paint any fencing that might have weathered over winter, freshen up and repair decking and add outside lighting to create an outdoor space that will add value in the minds of your potential buyers. On so many of the viewings that we attend, potential purchasers ALWAYS point out garden work and the perceived expense in both time and money as a concern when comparing property. Check out these stunning DERBYSHIRE GARDENS for inspiration and have a look at our recent garden trends blog which really shows what you can achieve with even smaller garden space!

Spring Flowers

Bring a bit of spring in!

With all the new life bursting up from the ground and the beautiful colors replacing the drab, cold grey of winter, why not liven up your living space with some seasonal spring flowers and plants? Bringing in a touch of the outside can make any room instantly more appealing and adding a splash a color is sure to pique the interest of those all-important potential purchasers. As well as looking good, house plants have been proven to have beneficial properties supporting health and well-being by improving air quality and helping us breath more easily. Well placed plants can be used as a great accessory to showcase your home to its best, so bring in those plants and flowers, not only will they look great on viewings, but they will add a touch of style to your property pictures too!

Window Cleaning

Gives those windows a clean

As the weather warms up and the days get longer, you’ll be wanting to pull those curtains open and let in some of that lovely light that’s been missing over the winter months. We know that light and airy rooms can impress potential buyers, but grimy windows certainly won’t! Whilst it may sound like basic advice, getting a window cleaner to visit or tackling the job yourself can really boost your properties curb appeal! Don’t neglect those fascia boards and sills either, you’ll be glad when your home is filled with bright spring light and is the most attractive property in the area!

Spring Flowers

Spruce up your soft furnishings and breathe new life into your rooms

Sagging sofas and messy beds aren’t going to cut it when you’re thinking of attracting a buying for your home. But with a little bit of planning, you can dress your home for sale with the minimum of money and effort. Stocking up on a few throws from Ikea, adding some new plump cushions and bed linen can make all the difference in lifting a room. Take a cue from some of the new home builders, they always have great photos taken of their new properties and they make sure that each room is dressed to impress!


So there you have it, our 5 top tips to get you sold this spring!

If now is the right time for you to make a move, just click the link below and kick start your Spring fling with Hannells! With our network of branches all across Derby and our team of over 60 experienced property professionals, we are always here to help!


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